Silverton Ruins, NSW, Andrew Brown Landscape photographer
Woods Point Service Station, Victoria
Miners Quarters, Grampians, Victoria
Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania
Richmond Bridge, Tasmania
Choir of Hard knocks, Silverton, NSW
The Shed, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria
Skies are Burning, Burra, South Australia
Settlers Dreams, Burra, South Australia
Window with a View, Flinders Ranges
Sounds of Silence, Edeowie, FLinders Ranges
Last Fuel, Woods Point, Vic
Australia's European history is only very recent compared to other continents but still has it's fair share of ruins, shacks and stone buildings
dotted around the landscape as a reminder of the pioneering spirit. The people that built and lived in these places were as tough as the
landscape and is a stark comparison to how most of us live today.
Sheerers Dreams, Flinders Ranges
Snowy Mountains Stone Cottage
Geehi Hut, Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains Stone Cottage
Andrew Brown Landscape photography
Andrew Brown Landscape Photography
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Andrew Brown Landscape photography
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