Andrew Brown Landscape photography
'Freedom and space, I like it. My photography is generally in pursuit of this'.

Growing up I was lucky enough to live on small acreage in the Dandenong Ranges, East of
Melbourne with the freedom and space to explore the bush and creeks. As a family we also
travelled to all states in either a tent or a caravan and then hiking when I was old enough. I
guess that the seeds for adventure were sown throughout my whole young life.

It was my 21st birthday where I was given a simple point and shoot film camera that started
my passion and allowed me to capture some of the awesome places that I visited. After Uni I
left on my own trip around Australia and saw many more magnificent scenes and people
started commenting on my images. That kept me striving to achieve better results but the
limitations of the camera were becoming evident, so eventually bought an SLR after a year on
the road.

When I returned and settled into a more normal life I continued to take images and had
exhibitions where people actually bought images much to my surprise. I also branched into
greeting cards but it wasn't until I went digital that things really started to take off, with the ability
to stich images together to capture the panoramic format. This coincided with the launch of my
website and the ability to sell prints and images interstate and internationally.

Since these very humble beginnings I have continued to travel and photography extensively,
always on the lookout for nice light. Quite often this means getting up or getting back at silly
hours, sometimes with nothing to show for it but like anything in life, persistence pays in the
end. The hobby that was is now my profession and my own little family quite often travel with

I hope that you enjoy browsing through the
gallery. Hopefully it may encourage more people to
get out and explore, appreciate their surroundings and feel free.

This site is dedicated to my mum Linda who thought that I had a gift and wanted me to
continue taking photos. That was her last wish for me.

Happy travels
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown
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Andrew Brown Landscape photography
Andrew Brown Landscape Photography
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Andrew Brown Landscape photography
Andrew Brown Landscape Photography
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