Corporate business calendars
Andrew Brown and Tony Middleton first meet in the Victorian High
Country one snowy early winter morning. Tony had spent the night up there
and required some 'assistance' to get back on the road again.  Both of us
took advantage of some nice early morning light before worrying about the
vehicle too much. They kept in touch a bit and caught up for a shoot or two
but it was another chance meeting a year later, in a Flinders Ranges ghost
town that got us thinking, 'What are the chances'.  We kept pondering for
some time thinking that there had to be something more to the story. A
month or so later Andrew's first retail calendar was produced which got
him thinking even more.  He then approached Tony about producing a
corporate calendar with a difference. The difference being that they, the
photographers, hand select the images rather than being a nameless image
slapped into just another mass produced calendar.  They take utmost pride
in their calendar and have spent many hours on design and selection with
every step been taken to ensure that the finished product is something
that customers want to receive....and look at for the next year.
We also offer exclusive tailor made calendars with over 600
Australian images to choose from. Minimum order quantities
for this service are very low, allowing you flexibility and
Contact us for more information
Business landscape calendar - Southern Exposure
Corporate landscape calendar - atmospherics
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