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After receiving my first camera at the ripe old age of 21 I discovered
that I really enjoyed photography. The positive comments from family
and friends encouraged me to the next phase of the development  -
exhibitions and actually selling!. Eventually, after the digital revolution
kicked in I began
A.B Scenes online gallery selling landscape prints,
stock images and greeting cards. During this period I have received
many wedding photography requests from people who enjoy my style of
photography and I found that I was able to bring my skills as a landscape
photographer (observing clouds, natural light, aesthetic composition etc)
to create wedding images that are a little different.

My approach is not to push people into poses and uncomfortable
positions, rather get them to relax (as much as possible) by being
relaxed myself so that their natural interaction and affection can be
captured on their 'Big Day'. Some of the time you won't even know that
I'm taking a photo as I find that the candid shots are often the best.  
The end result is a collection of images that represent the Bride,
Groom,  family and friends in the best light on their wedding day.

Based in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, East of Melbourne I am
obviously very familiar with the hills and Yarra Valley as well as many
country areas of Victoria through my landscape photography. I have
photographed formal and alternative style weddings from the church to
the backyard to the beach. Please contact me if you wish to find out
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